Birthday Surprise

It was her 39th birthday. She was driving and thinking about her life when a man literally dropped in front of her car.

— Hey, are you ok? Are you trying to kill yourself?

He was young and handsome. There was a tender look in his eyes and it was very strange.

— Sit in my car, I will drive you to your place, — she said trying not to look into his eyes..

There was real chemistry between them.

When she found herself in his room on the bed she couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Now he looked so innoсent…

— I have to go, — she started to dress.

— Stay, — he held her hand. — Please. I have to tell you something. I am not a stranger. I know you.

— What do you mean?

— Your stepson asked me to be with you and video tape it. He hates you and wants his dad to divorce you. But if you give me more money than him, I’ll give you the tape.

— You’re kidding! — Her face looked slightly frightened.

— No, I’m not.

He showed her the small camera in the room which was directly above the bed.

— Hmm… Ok. I’ll pay you more than him but first, let’s make this video a little bit longer.

She kissed his shoulder.

He was surprised.

— This doesn’t bother you?

She began laughing out loud and could barely stop. He thought she’d gone crazy.

Finally she stopped laughing and said:

— Because, my baby, you are my gift from my husband for my birthday. We are playing. It’s our tradition. Every birthday, his or mine. Each time one of us creates a new story and new circumstances. It excites us and refreshes our relationships. So, come to me, my little toy…


Edited by Kathi Suprata

Copyrights © 2015 — 2021
Hope Silver (Nadezhda Serebrennikova)
Publishers:  Evolved PublishingThurston Howl Publications